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Judith is a retired GP who currently lives in Warrington with her family.

“Spending 32 years as a doctor honed my observational skills. The subtle nuances of expression and physical appearance giving clues to a persons inner thoughts. As close observation is a key element in medicine and art alike, it felt natural to fall in love with portraiture when I began to paint after taking early retirement in 2018. Portraiture allows me to continue exploring privileged relationships; that of artist/sitter has replaced the doctor/patient relationship. In connecting with people in this way I can continue to use my skills and have a new identity as an artist.

My portraits use light, shadow and colour to reveal a persons character. I work in oils on canvas in a realist style and timeless manner using delicate brushstrokes and soft edges. I draw using Conte pierre noire pencil and use obvious marks rather than blending which I feel gives more character to the final portrait. I direct my focus to the sitter themselves rather than what is going on around them capturing them in reflection.”

For commissions contact my representative at www.portraitartist.co.uk